Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Existence Day!

This is a long overdue post and it's gathering dust here on my drafts. Forgive me but here it is! :)

4th of August 1993, the day I was officially welcomed to this world and since then, it was quite a joy ride, through all the ups and downs, and don't forget the loop-de-loops! Okay, I'm already 20 FREAKIN YEARS OLD and please don't be surprised considering the fact I look far way different from my physical appearance (including my height!!! Lol). But that doesn't mean I couldn't stay young! THAT IS TOTALLY &#$^*@! Hahaha kidding. 

4th of August 2013 came out to be such a surprising and heart-warming day. It gets better every year! If you wanna know what happened, well....

... I was actually saddened by the thought that someone special couldn't celebrate my special day with me :( But eventually surprised me!

First, I heard mass at my favorite church, Santa Maria Parish, to thank the Lord of course for giving me another year.

Second, had lunch with my college friends at Punot (Boardwalk).

Only 8 of my friends came since some were quite busy since it was a sunday. My Mom ordered too much! Like it was a feast for 20! Haha

After lunch, we went straight to school cos we had a basketball game at 2 pm.

*fast forward* In the middle of our game, a 'happy birthday' song played after I shot a basket. And to my surprise, a tall guy holding a bouquet of flowers entered the gym, the song Out Of My League by Stephen Speaks played in the background, with all the people looking and teasing us, and me not knowing what to feel and do (how embarrassing of me). I really don't know what to say. Never really thought he could pull such a thing, knowing how shy he is. Aaaaahh *speechless* *kilig*

I'm a sucker for surprises -__- Lol

I really don't want the day to end, but then it had to. I am grateful to be surrounded by such awesome people! That's one thing I'm happy about with life. Thank you to everyone who greeted me personally, through text messages, and through social networks! <3

Now there's two bouquets on my shelf! ;)

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