Sunday, August 25, 2013

25 August 2013

Dear Diary,

Today I have learned a new word -- Gezelligheid.

It means, the coziness, warmth and comfort of being at home, or being together with friends or loved ones sharing time in a pleasant and nice atmosphere.

It's important to spend time with people who make you feel comfortable and calm. People who make your worries go away or at least make you calm your nerves for a while. A sort of "de-stressing" after too much work. 

You go home to your family, talk to them. Share a little at the dinner table, cuddle with your siblings, whatever.

Hangout with your friends over a cup of coffee or milktea. Watch a movie and laugh about it after. Go on a road trip! 

Have lunch with your special someone. Stay at home and have a movie marathon or play video games. 

You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, even if it forces you to do so. I know, I know, we have priorities but that doesn't mean you can't get some peace and quiet. It feels good to have some of that calmness. Don't isolate yourself with everything and everyone! Take a break, have some of that Gezelligheid. ;)

xo, Myka

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  1. Nice Post! I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing.