Monday, June 10, 2013

May 2013 via Instagram

Checked my past posts and realized I haven't done a recap of my month via Instagram! So here I am making up for it. 
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Mother's Day 2013
See what we did to our mom here.

2013 Elections. It was my first time to vote!

 Lazy days since I still had ONE MORE MONTH of summer after my summer classes.

 World Peace Through Inner Peace event. 15,185 sky lanterns! See my post about it here.

 Summer getaway with my college friends at Boracay!

 Enchanted Kingdom. Sort of a bonding with my brother, Gus since he now studies in Manila and I won't get to see him all the time anymore.

My YOUNGER (emphasis on younger because I get mistaken to be his younger sister since he was taller -__-) brother is now officially an FEU Tamaraw! Watched him play college basketball for the first time and I'm so proud even if he's still getting the hang of it. Small steps to a bigger dream :)

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