Wednesday, May 1, 2013

10 Signs That They Are “The One”

I've been busy reblogging on Tumblr and I stumbled upon this note. Quite interesting and might be relatable to all (but that's my opinion). I just want to share it to you all :) Visit my tumblr tho 


You might reeeeeally like you boyfriend or girlfriend but how do you know if it’s more than that? Here are some clues to tell if they are “the one”:

1.    You still get excited to see them. Even if you’ve been together for a long time, if you still get butterflies or excited at the thought of seeing them, it’s safe to say that you have something special.

2.    You picture them when you think of your future. Everyone daydreams of their future life – maybe your wedding, your dream home, kids or travel. Do you picture a generic face along with you or do you picture your boyfriend/girlfriend when you imagine your future? If they have already become part of your future there could be a real possibility that they’ll actually be part of it.

3.    You don’t have to be perfect around them. And they don’t have to be perfect around you and it’s ok. Sure, you want to impress them, but you can also be yourself and let your guard down. Being comfortable enough to do this and still like each other is a sign that you have a close connection.

4.    Your friends and family like them (and visa versa). It’s not essential to the success of a relationship, but it sure helps when your friends and family support your decision to be with him/her. You know that you’re on the right track with someone who is right for you when everyone around you approves.

5.    They are the first person that you want to talk to. When something good or bad happens, when you are struck with a hilarious thought, etc. they should be the one that you’re calling or rushing to tell if they are “the one”.

6.    You have fun even when you’re doing boring stuff. Helping his Grandma clean out her attic or going to her family reunion is fun when you’re with the right person, because you’re just happy to be together. You don’t need flashy dates and parties to have a good time. You’re just happy spending time together.

7.    You still want to impress them. Even though you can be comfortable around each other, do you still strive to catch their eye or impress them with your jokes, ideas and accomplishments? If they are “the one” they should be your biggest fan and that probably feels so great that you love finding new ways of impressing them and keeping their adoration coming.

8.    You can just “be”. You don’t have to entertain each other or be doing specific activities at all times. It’s great when you can just spend a lazy afternoon lying on a blanket in the park just doing nothing but spending time together.

9.    You can tell them anything. Revealing your true feelings isn’t scary when you’re with the right person. In fact, you should look forward to talking and confiding in them. They know you inside and out and you know them the same way.

10. You can’t imagine being with anyone else. Not only do you picture his or her face in your future, but the idea of anyone else being your partner seems totally absurd. You can’t imagine life without them or someone else in their place.

*These are not genuinely true facts and I'm not saying that it's totally right. Feel free to share your opinions! xo

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