Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I am ashamed of my whole blogger-wannabe self for being a lazy bum when it comes to posts. But maybe ya'll are used to this anyways. So, here I am again annoyingly saying sorry. I just don't know what to post about these days. But I'll figure that out as I progress into this blogger world. Need inspirations! (And maybe a professional camera for photography? Yeah? Haha)

This would probably be my last apology for being MIA so you won't be too annoyed with me doing it over and over again :D

On the brighter side.. Look what I have!

Finally bought a Ukelele in Cebu! Not really the best uke, but it's still my first time so once I get expert and all, I'll buy one of the best ukes! :>

xo, Myka

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