Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! Happy 2013!

Is it just me or did 2012 end fast? Idk with you guys but 2012 was ONE HELL OF A ROLLER COASTER RIDE! A lot of things happened.. I was happy, sad, scared, close to giving up, in love, bothered, restless, stressed, amazed, *insert all the adjectives here*! I've learned a lot last year (or should I say yesterday.. See what I did there? ;) HAHA) and I think I grew a lot in terms of mature thinking. But one thing's for sure, I never regretted any mistake I did in the year 2012. I always make it a point that I keep on learning from every mistake I make and by that I learn.

So how did you spend the last days of 2012? End-of-the-world kinda things maybe? Hope you had an awesome year, and hope you will have an awesome year this 2013. My blog still hasn't reached a year and I may not have the most readers in the world but I appreciate ever single person in that view counter on the right side for taking time and interest in reading my awkward and random posts. THANK YOU SO MUCH! And as what one of my teachers would like to say, enjoy your meeeeeeaaal! 


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