Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas in Black & White

Hi guys! MERRY CHRISTMAS! (though its late but still) How did you spend the holidays? With your family? Alone? With friends? Out of town? Stay at home? No matter where you went or what you did, I hope you spent it wonderfully :)

So here's a little peek on what we did during Christmas! Not so extravagant or anything. Family time is always a good time. We spent Christmas for two days, one with our Dad's side and the other with our Mom's side. Was too busy to take a lot of pictures though and I regret it :/ But oh well!

 This year's center of attention! Baby Kenzo :>
 Our real life Santa Claus :D

Ha! Caught doing a selfie!

 Santa down!!!

 (Incomplete) Mercado cousins <3
(spot baby Kenzo hahahaha)

Well, that's pretty much it! I really took a lot of candid and random shots of my family. Lol but anyway, I enjoyed Christmas 2012! Happy Holidays (belated, sorry) everyone and a Happy New Year! <3

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