Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Page 1 of 365

Welcome to the 365 PROJECT! First of all, I'll give you an intro about it and what not.

Basically, a 365 Project is a challenge wherein you take a photo of something and post it everyday for 365 days (which is obviously equal to one year). There are different versions too, but most that I've seen are the usual which is just posting a photo everyday on their blog. My version is somewhat the same (because it's easier) except that I print the picture into a polaroid form and write the date on it then post it here on my blog! That easy! Haha. If you want to try it out too, go! The only major challenge to this is that you have to keep up everyday and don't miss a day! Imagine, for 365 days you have to take a photo. So that means, my camera's coming with me every single day! :D I just hope I could always remember and not lose my camera. I'm soooo up for this challenge! 

And for that, here's Page 1 of 365..


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