Thursday, November 22, 2012

STOPOVER: Garin Farm

P.S This was taken a long time ago already. Late post alert!

Location: Garin Farm, San Joaquin,
 Iloilo Philippines

Last July 2012, we went to Garin Farm for my brother's pre-birthday celebration. It was an on-the-spot trip since we just decided to go there in the morning. It was like an hour and a half trip from the city.

Golf cart ride to the top of the hill! Or you could prefer walking.

 At exactly 12 noon, an employee rings the bell and all the doves come for lunch! You could've seen the magnificence of the white doves as they flock and fly together.

*my face*

I got the chance to feed them for the first time! It kinda hurt though.. Haha.

452 steps? I forgot. Hahaha
Garin Farm ice cream!! Last time I had this was when I was still in gradeschool (like 8 or 9 years ago)!

Forgive me for the fugly photo quality.. In dire need of a new digital camera. 


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