Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mood board: 112212

Let me introduce you first to 'Mood board'.. My attempt of sharing to you what I've been interested in for the month/week/day. It might be a thing, a person, a place, anything!

So here it goes... 

British Flag
I've been "obsessing" (quote on the word because I'm still NOT at the point of being really obsessed) on things with the UK flag. Idk, maybe because of my real obsession for One Direction.

The Epic Finale of Breaking Dawn was so awesome I'm lost for words! So much excitement especially when you're with friends. Thousand thumbs up!

One Direction's sophomore album Take Me Home was just released this month and gaaaaah I was in joy! The long wait was definitely worth it! It contains new mature songs (as what the boys said). Another piece of perfection! :)

I'm dying to own a pair of Doc Martens or any type of ankle combat boots! But the priiiiiiiice :((( Anyway, I'm still on the search for this in local shops. Crossed fingers for that! 


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