Thursday, November 22, 2012

100 Things About Me #2

*I haven't posted an entry for this challenge for two days, so I'll write 15 things today*

6. I love surprises! 

7. I'm a bit old-fashioned, especially when it comes to love. I find handwritten love letters, haranas, and flowers x chocolates the sweetest things! And I pretty much appreciate effort-wise gifts (like surprises or home made/self-made/hand-made gifts) more than expensive material ones (like gadgets, jewelry, etc).

8. I've got tons of crushes! Haha, a lot of you would probably relate. Well, who's to blame? The world is full of unreachable handsome/cute guys (or girls if you're a dude).

9. I like books, but novels make me lazy when I'm on the middle part already.

10. I need more t-shirts in my life.. Lol

11. I would rather ask/borrow some change than spend a 20 peso bill. 

12. I have sudden outbursts of singing out of tune (frustrated singer right here!)

13. Dance Revolution is my exercise.

14. Food tempts me ALL THE TIME.

15. I don't like food with peanuts in or on it. Nuts are okay but putting it on food especially in chocolate disrupts my enjoyment in eating it. 

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