Friday, November 30, 2012


I really don't know who's reading my blog, probably just a few of my friends or people I know (hoping for some random strangers/readers), but I have huge favor! It's for one of my beastfriends (no typo there). I need to help him since it's like an obligation as a friend, and I owe him for doing the same (except that it was a video and needed views instead of likes) for me. He was selected for this contest of theirs in his University, and he needs likes! Too mainstream and annoying, right? I don't even know why but this sort of category of gaining as much likes as you can is possibly an easier way to connect with other people. Technology nowadays, tsk! Back to the point..

You could also like his partner's picture too! 

Or you could also like one of my bxtchfriend's brother's picture. (I'm doing this because I'm such a good friend hehe)

For those who liked it already, thank you so much! It's a big help! And I'll return the favor too (if ever). Hihi :*

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