Thursday, November 29, 2012

100 Things About Me #5

I think the rules have changed since I do this challenge every other day with 10 facts. Haha Oh well!

41. I prefer songs that are chill (what do you call them? Alternative? Idk but those songs with no screaming and power drums involved).

42. I pretty much believe in destiny.

43. I actually take time making faces and smile in front of the mirror when I go to the bathroom first thing in the morning.

44. I love watching koreanovelas! (Any suggestions? Or maybe lend me some dvds?)

45. When I was a lot younger, I wanted to be a babysitter in the future (thinking it was a professional job or something).

46. I have this dream of putting up an orphanage and/or daycare center someday!

47. I have only got out of the country ONCE! But at least! Haha, want to go back to Hongkong and Macau!

48. I take too much time and responsibility on things that are not even on my priority list, and on things that don't need too much effort.

49. I easily get irritated when I don't get what I want (not always though, depends on the situation but mostly with my Mom)

50. One thing that I DEFINITELY HATE THE MOST are people getting my stuff without permission then return it with either a stain, slightly damaged, or completely broken and gone. SHOUTOUT TO MY BROTHERS FOR THIS SPECIFIC NUMBER.

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