Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY: Studded Denim Vest

Time for some DIY! And this is the studded denim vest edition. I just did this earlier today because it's a holiday and I'm stuck at home. :D

1.) Denim vest (I got mine for 50 pesos in an Ukay-ukay! Good find!)

2.) Studs (I used round and square studs since that's what I have at the moment)

3.) Pliers, in case you don't want to hurt yourself but I'm using my bare hands for this. It's not that dangerous.


First, decide on what studs you're going to use and where to put it.
As for me, I used both the round & square ones. And I decided to put the round studs on the pockets, then the square studs on the shoulder area.

Second, stick the studs on the chosen area and bend the sharp corners. It would look like this at the back..

Finally, you're done! 

You could stick more studs to anywhere you want. Be creative!

 I'll add more once I get more studs! But I'll settle with this for now ;) 


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