Saturday, August 11, 2012

STOPOVER: Annebisyosa in Bacolod

When we heard there was an Annebisyosa concert in Bacolod, we just had to go! It was right after our prelim exams (July 21, 2012) and we thought it would be the perfect stress reliever! Got tickets earlier the concert and it was only general admission since we can't afford those other tickets. But we didn't regret it since our view was just right and thank God we had cameras with micro lenses ;)

 Left Iloilo 3:45 pm and arrived in Bacolod 5 pm. Went straight to our hotel, Circle Inn (separate post about the hotel here), to check in, leave our bags and change. Then off we go!


Going to Bacolod, in a roller coaster ride! :D

 How we LITERALLY swam through the ocean of people! (Now I can say that I'm claustrophobic HAHA) Good thing we found our friend there, or else we'll be stuck in the VERY LONG line!

 We had early dinner at Bob's in front of University of St. La Salle BCD

 The venue, University of St. La Salle Bacolod Coliseum

One of her special guests was Luis Manzano! 

  His 'Im Sexy and I Know It' dance was a good laugh and not to mention HOT too! :D

 Another guest was Rachelle Ann Go! Damn her voice was just asdfghjkl I can't even!

 My favorite performance was Alone where she wore a lingerie and did some little acrobatics! Alone was the song I was waiting to hear and that performance was two thumbs up!

 There were other guests too but we didn't get a picture of them (and I kinda forgot their names sorry)

Our poor little fangirling hearts went wild! Those outfits were to die for! That was one awesome concert! And we wanted more though ;)

to be continued..

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