Saturday, August 11, 2012

STOPOVER: Annebisyosa in Bacolod 2

Then the after party! We went to Dugout after cause they said Anne Curtis will be there. But it was too crowded so we decided to leave. Some friends of mine fetched us and went to Art District. But decided to go to Siberia instead to party! WOOOOP!

 The after party was sooo EPIC we almost died laughing (up to the hotel)! We'll just keep it confidential about what made it so epic. Hahaha! ;) (And two 1D songs played so I fangirled my heart out through dancing Wooooh) We went home about 3 am cause one of our friend had a 'little' incident. The night was still young! Tsk.


We woke up early! Like 8 am and left the hotel at 11 pm. We rode a jeepney with all our luggage (well it was pretty much hard for me cos I was the one with the heaviest bag Lol) going to Rolie's (not sure of the spelling) to buy the famous Napoleones but sad to know there was none available there so we settled in Robinsons. Anne Curtis had a meet and greet at Primadonna so we went there! 

 Again, we swam through the ocean of people! I was forced to buy MORE in Primadonna so we could stay longer inside in hopes that we could see Anne up close. But we failed :( At least we had a good view since we were at the front.

This is how close we were to Anne Curtis!

 We spent like an hour and so waiting for Anne Curtis and only minutes of seeing her face. We tried our best to get noticed but failed again :( But a blogger (also from Iloilo) noticed us and took our picture because I was holding a Primadonna paper bag with "Hi Anne! Pa picture please" written on it!

Went to the pier right after that for our 5 pm trip back to Iloilo (or reality I must say). That was one of the most epic and fun trips I had with my awesome friends! Until next time! :)

And oh! Did I mention Anne Curtis replied to my tweet the day before the concert? Yup! That was one glorious moment and maaaaan my friends were jealous! Hahaha! 
And on the other hand, Luis Manzano also replied to our tweet after the concert! :D

- End -

*Photo courtesy of my friends, Sally Huang, Ana Abella and Darleen Cupang! Thanks! x

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