Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hello, 2015!

{ I'm so sad I posted a late year-ender post! *sob* }


Well, it's not too late yet to greet you all a very Happy New Year!!

(photo credit goes to my boyfriend, and obviously edited by me)

Either 2014 was your best year, a year you would like to forget and leave everything that you wouldn't want to bring the next year, or just a year keeping it as it is. Me? I'd like to keep it as it is and leave a few little things there as memories.

2014 was quite full of highs and lows. So much events happened, unexpected ones I must say. A whole lot of emotions combined into one. But I'm glad to say they were lessons learned and somehow  it made me more wiser and stronger when dealing such events. Amidst the plenitude of struggle, tribulation, and even heartache, I am still thankful for all the positive things that had happened. I am a firm believer that a handful of good will always outweigh a multitude of bad.

So, as I welcome the year 2015, thought I should show you the things/people/events in 2014 that I'm always going to be thankful for and still want to keep and bring for a whole new 365 days!


Obviously, I'm bringing along my old self! But this time with the goal of becoming a better version than I was the past years (will try my very bestest!!).

My #1 support system -- my Family. The number one constants. Enough said.

The highlight of my 2014 -- my boyfriend, David. If you're following me on Instagram and Twitter, then you probably know him already and in some way our love story. He's such a blessing for always making sure I'm at my happiest state (despite our little fights & arguments, but that's just normal).

(These are only a few from my Instagram but I assure you you could see the others on my social media accounts! Hehe)

 My old friends who are still there and the new ones I've met. I couldn't be more thankful enough for my friends for making my year still worthwhile and crazy! They are all little blessings as well, and I'm excited to spend another year of craziness with them.

It is such a big achievement that I reached my 5th year of being a BS Physical Therapy student. I'm a few months away from finishing this course and few steps closer to reaching my goal of being a Physical Therapist. Ten months of internship has taught me how to be selfless and hardworking. My passion and love for this profession has grew a whole lot bigger, and I am more determined to achieve my goal.

2014 gave me a taste of independence. I could say it caught me off guard. Having lived away from my home town and family for two whole months made me realize how much of a wreck I am when left alone. I realized how dependent I was before and now I'm very much thankful for that experience because it really did teach me so much on handling life alone (with a little guidance hehe).

Something I would like to keep doing for the rest of the years to come -- ADVENTURE. May it be big or small, the thought of wanderlust and the feeling of discovering and experiencing something new gives me so much thrill and excitement. The world is truly a beautiful and one of a kind creation and it never fails to amaze me.


These are probably most of the big 2014 events that made my year worthwhile (although there are a few small ones that I haven't mentioned but you can find them on my social media accounts).

No new year resolutions this time because you really don't have to wait for a new year to start change. Any day at any time is always a good idea for change, most especially at the moment when it is truly needed. 

I am truly thankful for those who came, who stayed and even those who left. Everyday is a learning experience and you should not ignore the lessons that life offers you.

A grace-filled and God-filled year to each and everyone of you! Let's make it an awesome one! <3

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