Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oslob, Cebu (Part I)

26th of September 2014, my special someone decided to visit me here in Cebu (I'm here for two months because of internship) for four days and I was beyond excited for it was yet another adventure most especially because it was with him. Days before I already made an itinerary for his 4-day stay here and it was also an opportunity for me to explore parts of the Queen City of the South. 

First on the list was definitely the famous whale shark watching in Oslob (we have this thing for 'butandings' that only we could understand lol) and Tumalog Falls.



We set our alarms to 3:00 AM so we could leave for Oslob by 4:00 AM but unfortunately being the lazy daisy that I am, we ended up leaving at 5:00 AM but it was all good since it was still early.
We rode the bus at Cebu South Bus Terminal and paid Php 125 each (student fare). It was approximately a 3-hour ride to Oslob. We just told the bus conductor that we're heading to the whale shark watching and just dropped us off to Aaron's resort.

As soon as you enter, there will be people who will guide you as to where to register and whatnot. People are quite hospitable and accommodating there, so don't worry if you feel lost (cause we obviously were).

- Entrance fee is Php 100 -
- Whale shark watching (just on the boat WITHOUT snorkeling) is Php 300 -
- Whale shark watching WITH snorkeling is Php 500 (foreigners have a different price) -

We rented an underwater camera because we didn't have one and it costs Php 550 (50 for the memory card + CD but if you have your own memory card that's a minus Php 50 to the price)

Before heading to the whale shark watching area, you will be dropped off to a station where you will be oriented regarding the activity, all the precautions and need-to-knows.

Then, you're off to see the whale sharks!
I kept holding onto David because I couldn't stay down long enough.

You are given 30 minutes to swim with the whale sharks and you might think its a short period of time but its waaaay too long! Haha! 

You have to keep watch too because you'll never know when the whale sharks will swim by. You'll just get surprised they're already swimming towards you.
I accidentally stepped on one which was caught on camera oops when I tried to run away from it. There are a lot of them (big and small), far from what I actually thought.


Our take on a Murad Osmann #followmeto photo haha :D
The real life whale sharks! So much love for this guy! :)
Check out our haggard faces! Exhausted from going in and out of the water.

It was definitely a fun experience! Another tick on my bucket list!


That sums up our Whale Shark adventure! More pictures will be posted on our facebook page: The Adventures of David & Myka (still in progress). 
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~ P.S. Part II will be posted separately soon! ~

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