Monday, July 29, 2013

Summing Up July 2013

*July hasn't ended yet but oh well, carry on!*

July was quite a handful for me. It's the 2nd month of school, and it was Prelims. College really knocked me out early! Lol. Aside from the school blues, it's the rainy season and I really don't like the rain (except for the coolness it brings). It's giving me colds and I don't like feeling sick! It's making me feel more stressed out and lazy. But I'm glad I've dealt with that already. Hoping to get positive results with my academics, though I think I haven't done quite well. But positive vibes all the way :)

Anyway, I could not wait for August to start, mainly because its my birthday month (oh yeah!) and I just wish it will fill me up with good vibes. I don't even want to talk about how OLD I'm getting, so PLEASE DON'T ASK NOR MAKE A FUSS ABOUT HOW OLD I WILL BE. Hahaha 

Hoping you had an awesome July 2013! xo

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