Monday, May 13, 2013

10 Habits of a Happy Relationship

If you're in a relationship, take time to read this. If you're not, you should too! :)

1. Solve Arguments Peacefully - Notice yourself fighting your better half more lately? The only quick-fix is to stop doing it. The best couples are those who know when their partner is angry and when not to talk back to him/her. During fights, it is best to keep as calm and collected as possible and to not fight back. As long as one side stays calm, the other will follow. Things won’t go As far as broken dishes and hearts if arguments are avoided and solved quickly.

2. Spend More Quality Time Together -  One-on-one time is HIGHLY important for couples. Instead of arranging special Lunches and dinners with your friends, give your better half a day or two just for them. Spend the entire day doing the things you two love and stay really close. Listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite movies, go to your favorite restaurants, in short just what you two love doing together. Couples who spend more quality time together are more attracted to each other and tend to last longer than those who don’t.

3. Help Each Other Grow -  Partners understand each other, they know each others’ strengths and weaknesses. There is no better person to help you grow and better yourself in life than your better half. There is a reasons they’re called your “Better Half” to begin with. You need to completely open up to them and understand them at the same time. The best couples are those who help each other change and do new things, achieve their goals and dreams and make sure they get what they wanted from life.

4. Trust Each Other - Trust is one of the most important words when you’re in a relationship. It sets boundaries and limitations and also makes sure the couple stay loyal to each other. You need to trust your partner blindly and let them do the same to you. If the trust is real, you will never be happier with another person in your life. There is no better feeling than knowing your better half loves you and would never ruin your trust at any cost. Be comfortable and trust them.

5. Love And Respect Each Other 
-  You both are different individuals. The reason you two are so compatible is because you’re both totally different from one another. The best relationships are those where things are vibrant and different. You need to respect your partner’s choices in life and make them respect yours. You both need to understand the differences in one another and learn to love them for the sake of a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

6. Through Thick And Thin -  Love doesn’t mean just being with them through the happy days of life and leaving them when they’re down and out. Love is about sticking with them through the worst of times and the best of times. The best couples are those who conquer their hardships together and make it a memory to laugh at in the future. As I said earlier, your better half is your strength, you need to open up to them about everything that bothers you and everything that makes you happy.

7. Don’t Compete With Them - Most modern relationships end because the couples end up competing with each other. The point of being in a relationship is to strengthen each other and make them reach their goals, not compete with them just to make them feel inferior to you. This one goes both ways, I’ve seen both men and women competing against each other, in certain situations, the men are trying to prove they’re “real men” and try getting better than their ladies. And in some cases, the lady feels that her man isn’t giving her as much importance and becomes bigger than him. Stay equal, stay happy.

8. Listen To One Another - Happy couples have a keen interest in really paying attention to what their partners are saying. Not just nodding your head and saying yes to everything, but really listening and understanding. Conversations are the epitome of every relationships and really getting the gist of it is the most important part of it. Couples need to start paying more attention to each other, not in a sexist way either. It’s a thing nowadays that girls should talk and men should listen, I say both of them should talk to each other.

9. Be Intimate, Cuddle and Hug Daily - Cuddling is definitively THE best perk of being in a relationship. It is so important and has so many healthy affects, I actually wrote a whole different article on it which you can read here. Intimacy is highly important in long-term relationships, don’t let the intimacy die after a few years. Even after you have kids, both of you need to make an effort in making each other happy intimately everyday. Don’t give up on intimacy, ever. Hugs and kisses go a long way too. A little kiss before going to work, that romantic candle-lit dinner, or just plain laying under the moonlight can do wonders for intimacy.

10. Keep Realistic Expectations - Don’t act like you’re in a movie. Both of you are human and you need to remind each other to keep realistic expectations from each other. As long as a firm grip on reality Is kept, nothing can create a gap between couples.

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