Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekend (VIPS) Getaway: Pulang Pasayan

24th and 25th of February, my friends and I decided to go on a trip to the beach! Since we were all stressed out and drained from the previous hell week, we decided to unwind! >:)

Pulang Pasayan, found in Guimaras Island, owned by our friend's family was the perfect trip at that time! So we immediately went for it. We stayed there overnight and slept outside beneath the stars (well actually beneath a tree hahaha but you get my point)! It was so cold because of the sea breeze but it was quite an experience! Just like survival 101. And we did not starve for the adults brought and cooked a lot! :D We also got to see the Pulang pasayan (red shrimps) and it was cool because you only see a red/orange shrimp when its cooked. These ones were alive! 

We had a good bonding time with my friends (though incomplete, but still) talked about anything the whole night til 2:30 am and had a "few" drinks ;) So cheers to another adventure! More to come hopefully :>

Thanks to Ma. Bianca Ycoy and her family for the awesome accommodation!


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