Wednesday, December 26, 2012

100 Things About Me #9

So I'm gonna complete the 100 Things About Me challenge now! Because its Christmas break already and I don't have any excuse to skip this again. Haha! Here it goes..

81. Most of my decisions are made in the shower. Haha

82. Frontal squama kisses >>> (Frontal squama = forehead)

83. I am fascinated by helium balloons. And I wanna get surprised by a thousand colorful helium balloons. Hahaha ;)

84. I was part of the school paper during my grade school days, and I entered journalism competitions.

85. I like checking out blogs.

86. I'm a sucker for sweet & effort-wise guys. (I'll probably do a post about my type of guy haha)

87. I'm not a fan of action movies, I find it boring (but it depends). I prefer horror & comedy!

88. I cry at love stories and movies.

89. I had my very own dog as a surprise when I was like 3 or 4, because I was crying like hell (don't know the reason tho) but my dad just surprised me with it randomly. Rest in peace Daphne!

90. Believe it or not, I self-taught myself when I was in kindergarten because my parents were more concerned of my brother. Smart ass I was! >:) 

91. I have ONE TINY dimple.

92. I don't like breakfast food (well most of the time).

93. I don't eat eggs, only if its scrambled or omelet.

94. I would like to live by the beach in the future.

95. I get homesick! One time when I was in sixth grade, I went along with my relatives (leaving my family behind) to Boracay. Then I cried so hard the whole time we were there! Talk about embarrassing! Lol

96. I don't like the rain. Just the cold weather.

97. I always bring a pillow whenever I travel. There's always room for that! No matter what >:)

98. English is my favorite subject! Lol

99. When I say no in a serious manner/face, it really means NO.

100. I go by the quote, "Life is too short to be anything but happy." :)

That ends the 100 Things About Me challenge! Sorry it took me quite some time to finish it, but at least! Hahaha. Now you know a little about me. ;) xo

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