Wednesday, August 22, 2012


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These songs are not that old school, but these were one of my full blast playlist during my high school years (except for number 3, it just reminded me of high school since it was used in my high school video during my debut lol). They're like my feel-good songs. Feel free to download it! :)

1. Love Bug by Jonas Brothers
 I was kinda obsessed with Nick Jonas before and his voice is just so asdfghjkl makes me kilig to the bones just hearing him haha x

2. Bubbly by Colbie Callait
This used to be my favorite song.. but oh well. Life goes on ;) Just listen to it! Calm to the nerves.

3. Heart Skips A Beat by Lenka
Like I said earlier, this is not old school but it reminds me of high school! (Might post the high school video made during my debut as proof hahaha) 


4. Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson
This, again, used to be my favorite song. (Okay okay, I know I have a lot of favorite songs, but don't blame me!) I don't know but I loved this song because it reminded me of my life back then with butterflies in the background.. I was a bit obsessed with butterflies too! *smirk*

5. Don't Matter by Akon
Got hooked to this song when I first heard it during my high school acquaintance party and surprisingly, I still remember the lyrics to the rap. 

6. Superman by Five For Fighting
No actual story behind this song but it's one of my keep calm songs. Maybe because of the title because I'm searching for my superman? But not really. Just a feel-good song :)

7. Passenger's Seat by Stephen Speaks
First heard of this song when we were in Baguio and it was playing everywhere and it suited my situation (which was sitting on a passenger's seat since we were on a road trip).

   (Sorry, there's no music video for this)

8. Thunder by Boys Like Girls
One of my high school barkada loved Boys Like Girls and introduced this to us, which was her theme song to her special someone (this reminded me of our clear folders with our printed lyrics compiled in it lol good times)


9. Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade
Well, this used to be the theme song of my lover and I. But I swear it doesn't mean anything to me anymore and I don't get affected or what. Psh! But it's a feel-good song!

10. You and Me by Lifehouse
I don't know why but this song makes me feel kilig and I want this song to be serenaded to me with guitar and all! Epitome of high school puppy love ;)

Well there ya go, mate! A few of my feel-good songs. Just thought of sharing them to you, hoping it would make you feel good too! :)


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