Friday, August 24, 2012

It's the Long Weekend!

 Here we go again with the long weekend! Another time to free ourselves from the wrath of school.. and teachers! ;) So if you're thinking of what to do during these bum days, here are my suggestions!

 1. GO OUT. Have a weekend getaway with your family or friends. Go to places you wanted to go but couldn't find time for. Now is that time! Go to the beach, have a bonfire, take a hike on a mountain, go camping in the woods, go to newly opened (or just old) resorts! There are tons of cool places to go to, perfect for the weekend! Have a movie marathon. If you prefer staying at home during the weekend, why not buy DVDs or download movies on the internet? Either you watch by yourself or with your family or your best friends. Catch up on the newest films, those you haven't watched yet, or play back those you've seen before but makes you feel excited all over again! Snuggle up on your bed, or on your couch. And don't forget the popcorn and chips!
3. Read a book. Since you were all caught up with all of the school work and assigned readings, now's the perfect time to catch up on your books! Continue those you paused because of school, or buy that book you were eying on at the bookstore. Snuggle up and read at the perfect time of the day! (Speaking of which, I too must catch up on my book! Hehe) Or... You can go to the local library! Tons of books to read there and it's for free! Plus, it's a quiet place so you can concentrate and won't get distracted. Or... go to the park or even just in your backyard. The great outdoors gives you this calm feeling for reading! 
4. Hang out with friends. You may see each other everyday at school, but it's always nice to go on a chill day worrying about nothing but finding a place to eat or thinking of what to do. Go to a cafe, make tambay at your usual tambayan, go to the mall and go shopping, watch a movie, play at the arcade, etc! There's always a lot of fun things to do when you're with your friends. Or... contact your friends that you haven't seen for a while or never had the time to hang out after a long time. Catch up on good memories! Cook and/or bake. We need food to survive! Check out some yummy recipes from the internet and try it yourself or with your mom or with your bestie. If you don't know how to cook, it's the perfect time to learn! Ask help from an expert or follow the procedure on Youtube. It's always nice to learn new things (especially if its food cos you get to eat it after). Let your friends taste your product after, or give some to your neighbors. 
6. Create a blog. Enter the world of cyber awesomeness! (is that even a word? haha) Start a blog and post anything you want! Like mine, I got bored and its like my cyber diary now. Or you could check out Tumblr and the rest is yours to discover! ;) Show to the world your awesomeness! Show your photography skills, your inner fashionista, give pieces of advice, etc! Journey on the portals of the WORLD WIDE WEB. 
7. Go artsy-craftsy. Awaken your creative nerves and start doing some art! Add some color to your walls by making self-painted portraits or any do-it-yourself crafts! Add some pop and color to your room. Search the internet for some ideas and DIYs (trust me, it helps!). Or make some for your friends. They'll be happy! Be an artist for a day and maybe, just maybe, you'll discover the true artist in you!   
Hope my suggestions are of great help on how you'll celebrate the long weekend! Take a break and UN-STRESS yourself! xo

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