Friday, April 11, 2014

What's On My Desk?

I finally have a legit workspace! Goodbye to my bed-causing-me-improper-posture-and-backaches workspace. It needs more spicing up a bit but I kinda tend to forget. Lol. But anyhow, it's quite enough already for laptop duties, school work, etc. Shoutout to my Dad for giving me his old drawing table! <3

Here's what's actually on my desk..

1. Laptop. The built-in keyboard was starting to give up on me and when I tried to get it fixed, the technician told us they can't do anything since the keyboard was somewhat stuck on the laptop so they can't change the parts plus the parts are difficult to find and order. So I'm stuck with an external one.

2. Blank Book. This is where I practice my typography and "creativity" when I get inspiration from the internet.

3. Cellphone. My phone's always by my side. Don't want to miss a text from someone especially important ones!

4. Picture frame. A photo of my four brothers and I because I'm such a loving sister. *wink*

5. Succulent plant. I'm not sure what it's exact name is but I just saw on Tumblr that people put plants like this on their desks and thought I should get one too!

6. Extension cord. Well I plug on too many things. Chargers to be exact. Lol

7. White board. Where I write my reminders.

8. Art supplies. I'm a frustrated artist, so yeah, I sometimes unleash my inner art beast.

Well that's about it! I don't want to get my desk all crowded. What's the use of the word workSPACE if you don't have enough space for work, right? :D

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