Monday, January 6, 2014


 Idk what happened to the quality of this picture *sob*



I know I have been in a hiatus for quite some time now (and its no surprise lol), so I'm making a New Year's Resolution of updating my blog as often as I could! I hope the spirits of what-to-blog-ideas would enforce itself unto me. But oh well, might just settle with my little imagination. Moving on.. Here's a throwback of my 2013, though I wanted to post as many pictures but it would be dragging. Just a sneak peak of some of the events that I would like to remember. 

I have to say 2013 was definitely full of adventures and new experiences. I don't wanna boast everything that has happened, and I have probably posted some of the adventures I had in this blog (just check my archive). I just want to emphasize on how the year has gave me so much thrill. Some months were quite rough - school of course, duh - and I'm glad I got through it, and some months made me want to pause to that moment or at least make me want to rewind those times. 

I'm already expecting 2014 to be a bit hectic though, both personal and school-wise. But I'm SOMEWHAT up for the challenge. I just don't want to think negative. I just hope my lazy ass would cooperate and start being a pump ass (I don't even know what I just said but let's just say it means not lazy haha). Fingers crossed for a better me in 2014! 

Hope you all had a good 2013, despite all the tragedies (Typhoon Yolanda). 2014 will be better! It's gonna be a new start. Let's all put our game faces on! It's gonna be another bumpy ride! xoxo

, Myka

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