Friday, May 3, 2013

To Kill Them With Kindness


Every once in a while, life gives you a fairy tale. And in that fairy tale, there are always people contradicting it. Let me grab this opportunity (though I had a lot back then but seemingly not taking it) to "rant" not only for myself but for others too about things that they mind but should not.

I, for one, am loaded with different experiences and somewhat get the idea why people react to certain things. I pretty much understand why they do such (but not completely cos I would be a great future psychologist if I do), so it's either I comfort them, understand them, or ignore them. 

We couldn't avoid having people butt in into our lives though they are completely unnecessary. But then, I figured, they are these "challenges" that God most probably gave to make us "strong". And the effects are quite favorable to both sides. There are those who hate us for numerous reasons and some are just too petty to be even considered hate. Let me jump you in to the whole point of this post.

Hate (heyt) n.
intense dislike; extreme aversion or hostility.

This is what you feel when you just don't like something or someone for some reason (or maybe just plain dislike). For some, it might be a temporary feeling but there are others who make a big deal out of it like it's a crime or something. I understand that there are those who undergo complicated situations that make them hate. But what I don't completely and honestly understand are those who just find some reason to hate about something or someone. I admit, I have hated a few things (and people) here and there because I find it or what they do unpleasant or irritating. And I am pretty much aware that there are persons who are annoyed by me too because I don't know (they better have their reasons) but theeeeeen, there are people who just MADE you a reason to hate about. 

Here I am making a big deal about haters giving hate to people who do not even deserve them. Though I have been told and reminded tons of times to ignore these. But I feel sorry. So in behalf of the victims, let me at least try to give justice to this never-ending social dilemma. 

I have never been that person who wanted to get hate for being myself (duh who wants to?) and for the decisions you make in YOUR OWN life. There are people who just walk in to your life to make a mess (I know the feeling is mutual). But what I don't get is that they assume that you are the problem without even knowing the whole story. I understand when you're all broken and mad you can't think normally and people would just think of all the endless reasons to hate you. Did you even try to know the whole story? That is not from all your biased friends? Yeah, you would probably say you know the whole story but you would insist that what you know is the truth. Well you have one inconsiderate and insensitive mind. That's pretty immature of you. Why don't you put yourself in his/her shoe? Would you understand still? Maybe not because all that accumulated hatred in your silly little mind has overpowered all the logic and common sense in you. Once you start hating a person for ONE reason, everything they are and do eventually becomes irritating to you. 

People just love assuming things about other people (I'm not saying that I don't but not as grave as other people do) and they just believe in it for as long as they can, whether they know the truth already or not because they just hate that person and would make that a reason to continue hating them. We're all guilty, admit it. 

Let me share to you a little definition of the word..
When they start to flaunt about their hatred about you (reality-wise or virtually-wise), you also get that little adrenaline rush to fight back. But then you realize it's unnecessary. I've been trying to avoid all the drama that I've somewhat been pushed into. And the world wide web seem to attract those haters still. I don't get why you want to keep yourself updated with my life. Does everything I do (or post), no matter how big or small, excite your hate hormones? The purpose of my posts are to share and are of my opinion and not to trigger you to hate me. And I'm pretty much sure you are going to react about this again and continue to hate me so yeah go ahead cos three in the air I just don't care.  

We just couldn't avoid this feeling -- this feeling of hate. And I don't know why. Maybe peer pressure? Maybe because we want to feel superior or popular? Maybe because we feel weak? I really don't know. We live in a society where people just believe in whatever they feel like believing. Truth is secondary. 

I really did not want to do this rant in the first place, due to the possibility that I might get hate, but I just needed to let these out of my system. I'm writing this post early in the morning, and my mind is starting to not cooperate. So I'm ending this post, and so is the feeling of caring about what you say. I can't believe I have wasted little of my precious time on your judgments. And I hope you would too. If you say you don't care, why keep on bothering? You can just ignore me, you know. 

Life is too short to find anything ruining your vibe. We're just pulling each other down. Can we not live without these judgments and criticisms? Or just at least don't make a fuss or a big deal out of it? Yes? Yes please.

P.S I'm not saying that I'm perfect in terms of this dilemma and I'm aware of what I've said and what I do. I admit I need to tell myself this too. So yeah.

P.P.S We are all entitled to our own opinions.

May the odds be ever in your favor. 

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