Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pages 14-18 of 365

First thing's first, I would like to apologize for not posting since forever (exaggeration) because 1. I have been going home late due to practices for our upcoming University Week and 2. I have other school work to do plus I was editing my brother's video for their project. Please forgive me! But I swear I have still been taking pictures everyday! I bring my camera all the time and I just couldn't forget my 365 Project ;)

Sooooooo, here are pages 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18!

Page 14 of 365: ONE HELL OF AN ADVENTURE. First day of video shoot for University Week video contest. Went to different places and towns around Iloilo! Roadtrip to everywhere! 

Page 15 of 365: Second day of video shoot at Mere Monique, Ticud Lapaz. Balloooooooons!

Page 16 of 365: Rich kids! Hahaha (iPod touch 4 x iPhone 4s x iPad mini x iPad 3)

Page 17 of 365: I finally found a perfect blank-paged "book" for my actual 365 project (and sort of a journal too) Yay! :)

Page 18 of 365: I finally met DANIEL PADILLA face to face!!! Gaaaaaah I was shaking (OA lang hahaha) and I actually had a proper conversation with him. I haven't imagined myself meeting Daniel Padilla in a shirt, jersey shorts and crocs with socks on plus dried sweat (because I didn't go home after our basketball game plus hours of playing dance revo) EVER! Haha! But I don't care! I freakin met him! -end of fangirling mode-

Thanks to my brother, Gus Denila, for being selected as one of the players for the Iloilo Teen Models x Celebrity basketball game. 

Daniel to me: "Ang galing ng bro mo!" Well.... brother meets brother-in-law? HAHAHAHA

I also met Paul Salas from Aryana and way back on Starstruck kids!


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