Saturday, November 3, 2012

OCTOBER via Instagram

So here's a photo diary of what October brought me via the ever faithful Instagram :)

1. Soiree. The sophomores had this "fine dining" event for their PAT subject so they were told to ask partners from the higher levels. Here's a picture of the me and my partner (which was my crush and I was overjoyed when he asked me lol). Dream come true, aye? :)))))))
2. It was one of my college bestfriend's birthday and I decided to make her this typography as a birthday greeting!
3 & 4. Weekend and Sembreak hangouts with friends.
5. October was a bit rainy so it was cuddle weather but obviously no one to cuddle with! :(
6. Morning calls. Well there's someone who wakes me up every morning (and the reason for my sleep deprivation haha jk)
7. It was Ateneo de Iloilo's Intramural 2012 and I thought I had the chance to watch it but too bad it got cancelled due to Signal #2 warning (which didn't happen) and look at the blue dragon! One of my brothers was holding it.
8. All For One, One Direction DVD. My Mom got forced to buy me this because of my pretend depression. Haha! She felt pity on my obsession. Thanks Mommy! >:)


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