Monday, November 19, 2012

100 Things About Me (Challenge Accepted)

Recently, I saw a trend on Twitter that kinda ticked my bright idea button! *ting* #100thingsaboutme! Each day, I will post FIVE things/facts about myself until I reach a hundred. I will probably be drained after this but it would be fun and interesting, so challenge accepted!

Here we goooo first five..

1. I have a big family (well for me that is) I've got FOUR BROTHERS, and yes, I'm an only girl. Plus my parents :)

2. I'm a hardcore DIRECTIONER! You know that British-Irish boyband who invaded the whole universe.. Yup! Dedicated fangirl right here! If you know me, you would know how obsessed I am ;)

3. I love doing doodles and typographies and any artsy craftsy.


4. I have a unique eating habit or PATTERN as what my friends would call it. Like, I don't do appetizer-main course-dessert, I eat them all up alternately. Haha

5. The first thing on my bucket list is definitely to travel around the world. Too mainstream you might say but its one awesome ambition and I'm definitely determined to accomplish it!

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