Saturday, August 11, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Tracy Ayson

 Tracy Ayson is a freelance fashion stylist and writer. She graduated from De La Salle University & took up short courses in School of Fashion and the Arts. This lass likes to travel, sing, and eat.

Meet the Fashion Fangirl, Tracy Ayson! I came across her blog last year (forgot how I discovered it though) and I got hooked with this classy lady. I even tweeted her when I first opened her blog and she replied! :)) Her style is somewhat the style I'm comfortable with so I go to her blog on a daily basis. Yes, daily. Its saved in my iTouch Safari. Aside from outfit posts, you can also find photo diaries like her trips to other places, shops,  food, and other things she finds interesting.

So I got the chance to ask her some questions via email (she's nice enough to answer me though I'm just a random girl) Thumbs up for that! :)

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Determined. Passionate. Moody.

When did you start blogging about fashion and how?
I think March or April 2011. I just started taking it seriously around June/July. I'm an "Accidental Blogger" actually. I just posted photos of my outfit in Tumblr so I can keep track of the stuff I wear. I worked in a publishing company so I needed to look presentable at all times. One day, brands started to contact me and my friends were like "Why don't you start blogging na lang for real?" So I did! 

Who/what influenced or inspired you to start blogging? And fashion?
My first job was a PR girl of Summit Media magazines like Preview, OK! so I was surrounded by fashionable people who I look up to in the fashion industry. My colleagues were the ones who pushed me to try the blogging world. Fashion, I just fell in love with it while I was working as a PR girl. So eventually I took up short courses in SoFA (School of Fashion and Arts)

Describe your fashion "genre"
I always say this: I have a mood-based style. But actually I'm leaning towards classy / girly outfits.

Aside from blogging and fashion, what else are you in interested in?
I love traveling. I love discovering new places and meeting new people. Also, I love writing. I've been writing professionally since high school. You can also call me a music junkie. I appreciate almost all genres except novelty. 

Any words of advice for aspiring fashion bloggers and fashionistas? 
Just be yourself! :) Dream hard, work harder, pray hardest! :)

 You could check her out on Tumblr and follow her on Twitter! x

Massive Thanks Ms. Tracy Ayson! x

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