Hi! I'm Myka Denila, a twenty-one year old laizy daisy from Iloilo City, Philippines. I've been an amateur blogger since I-can't-remember-when and yes, I've had numerous blogs way back but I'm glad to say I've stuck with Up Up and Away / theadventuresofmyka for the longest time now. I'm an adventure + thrill -seeker but I decided to start small -- as to local places -- since school and financial incompetence do not give me much freedom (but one day soon!!!). Thus, my blog name. I fancy the arts as well, challenging myself to get involved in the field as much as possible buuuuut as what I have mentioned above, I do not have that much freedom. But I sneak in a little time in between for my artsy-fartsies. I really don't have that much to say about myself but you'll get to know more about me as I continue to fill up my online diary.