F A Q s



What course are you taking up?
I'm currently in my 5th year as a BS Physical Therapy student.
Yes, PT is a 5-year course and the 5th year is pure internship (plus thesis).
*I'll be graduating soon*

Where do you study?
St. Paul University Iloilo

Where is Iloilo City located?
Iloilo City is a province in Western Visayas (Panay region) where the famous batchoy originated and just a few hours near the beautiful Boracay Island.
... or you could just google it. Lol

Do you have siblings?
- Yes, I do. Four brothers actually. Three younger ones and an older one. Making me the second eldest and the unica hija. 


Where do you shop?
I'm actually a thrift shopper / recessionista, meaning I prefer buying at cheap shops with, of course, good quality. But I also buy in mall shops. Not really brand-wise but style-wise. 

Fashion inspiration?
Lookbook! And a few bloggers that I follow on Instagram.


What camera do you use?
I don't own a DSLR, so I just use my iPhone 5S or iPad mini. Sometimes I use my Canon SD1400 IS digital camera.

Where do you edit?
I don't really know how to use Adobe Photoshop so I settle with photo editing apps. I use VSCOcam (T2, F2 filters but recently I decided not to use filters. Just adjustments on brightness, saturation, contrast, etc. and good lighting!) and PicsArt for other minor tweaks.

And btw, you don't have to follow what others' photos look like.. They have also struggled on experimenting their editing style so you should too! :)

Where did you get/edit your header?
I made it using Adobe Photoshop and/or Paint. Just download fonts and you're good to go! :)

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